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Controlling Immersion Heater – Part 3

I bought a Honeywell L641 pipe thermostat from eBay for almost nothing – and although it came with almost nothing, it does its job. It was supposed to have a cable clamp, two springs to attach it to a pipe, and a protective cover to stop anyone altering the dial. Anyway, a cable tie clamped it to the pipe, and it’s only operating on 5v!

IMG_0643This device is tied onto the flow pipe to the hot water cylinder, just after the 3-port valve (a Y-plan system). I’ve set it to about 40 degrees.

Now Cortex knows whether or not the boiler is heating the hot water tank.

The next step is to wire the relays in the QRH module to control the hot water and heating, then for Cortex to monitor that the pipe thermostat has sensed hot water, and to operate the immersion heater relay if the pipe does not get hot.

Controlling Immersion Heater – Part 2

The first step was to add some additional sockets and a dedicated spur for the central heating.

Checking the load on the 16A supply:IMG_0644

Shower pump – 500w
Central heating pump/boiler – less than 100w
Network switch, other adaptors – 120w
Immersion heater – 3,000w

Total: 3,720w = 15.5A – so the supply is sufficient, and it would be rare that all devices are on full load at any one time.

Today I added an additional double socket and fused spur, and re-configured the layout.

enclosureAn Idratek QRH Din module fitted perfectly in a Gewiss GW40102 enclosure. The new immersion heater cable goes into the enclosure from the fused spur, only the live cable is cut and connects to the relay contacts (output 4), and then feeds the immersion heater.

The pink cable (mains rated) connects the module to the Idratek network.

I have also added a five-core cable to relay outputs 1 and 2 to control the central heating (hot water and heating), and a two-core cable to one of the inputs to sense when the hot water pipe is getting hot (and therefore the boiler is working).

The finished enclosure looks tidy: