Dropbox alternative

I use a number of cloud storage services – some paid and some free. Seafile is probably my favourite as it includes server-side encryption.

I have just come across copy.com from Barracuda. This gives a huge 15GB storage for free, which is very reasonable. If you use my referrer link, we’ll both get an extra 5GB, so you can start with 20GB. I have five referrer opportunities using this link.

Update Mar 16: service is being discontinued from May 16. Shame.


Measuring electricity consumption

I soldered a BPW85C photo transistor onto some CAT5 cable, and connected it to an input on the QTI module, which is near my electricity meter. I was able to lodge the cable in a suitable place to ensure that the end of the photo transistor is right in front of the flashing LED on the meter.


1,000 pulses of the LED = 1kW. Cortex has a pulse meter object, and it all worked first time!

meter_outputI’m currently using 3.96kW, and will add some graphs once they’ve populated.