Review of Previca crimping tool

Ordered from and cost £20.98 (August 2019).

The crimps are ratchet crimps and are therefore easy to store partially closed.

The crimps came with a box of 700 different crimps – ring, bullet, spade and butt types. The box is a standard compartmental plastic box and seems to be of good quality.

The red terminals are for cables sizes 0.5 – 1.0mm (AWG 22-18), the blue terminals are for sizes 1.5 – 2.5mm (AWG 16-14) and the yellow terminals are for cables 4.0 – 6.0mm (AWG 12-10).

Also in the box was an instruction booklet in several languages – two pages for each language – here’s the English one:

My first task was to terminate cables on a 24v power supply unit.

These images show the cables prepared and using the tool to crimp the connectors. The handles are comfortable to hold and the mechanism is firm and easy to squeeze – just squeeze as far as it will go and the job is done!

These final images show the cables terminated and in use.

Dropbox alternative

I use a number of cloud storage services – some paid and some free. Seafile is probably my favourite as it includes server-side encryption.

I have just come across from Barracuda. This gives a huge 15GB storage for free, which is very reasonable. If you use my referrer link, we’ll both get an extra 5GB, so you can start with 20GB. I have five referrer opportunities using this link.

Update Mar 16: service is being discontinued from May 16. Shame.